Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hats off to ya!

I really want this hat. It's awesome, it's reasonably priced and I've seen plenty of bloggers, people, women on the street even, look great in tiles of its type. But it's here that I have to confess my complicated relationship with hats. See, I've bought them, I've lined them up on shelves, hung them off bedposts (literally, not like a promiscuous cowboy) but I never wear them out of the flat. 
I think my issue comes down to confidence. To step out of the house in a hat that isn't purely functional, and let's be honest, a fedora serves no function except making you look awesome -- says something about you. It says: 'I'm choosing style, completely, over substance.' And that, my friends, is my problem... this behaviour has been known to make me irrationally angry. 


There's a girl who often gets on my morning train who has worn what I like to refer to as the nonchalant beanie, in the way only someone who roams east London can, for the entire summer. And I don't mean the last two months of summer which weren't, in fact, summer, but an evil ploy by the high street to make me buy a load of shit in July I never got to wear. She wore it in the heady days of April, when we all thought our barbeques were going to get a hammering until November. Every time I see her it makes me angry. "Who are you fooling lady? You're clearly sweltering under there. Suffering doesn't make you cool! It makes you sweaty!" 
And that's the crux of it -- I'm just never truly comfortable in a hat. Once you get indoors, you look foolish with it on. And then you take it off, and if you're me, your hair looks flat. And I always ending up checking in windows whether it's pulled down enough, and is enough hair is visible so I don't look bald, and can I see and OH GOD IT'S GOING TO BLOW OFF IN THE WIND!


Hats are frivolous in a way that, much as I want to, I can't get on board with. And they're right there on your head. Jewelry is fine - it's dotted about your person, not on top of your face. The hat is a statement. A statement I don't think I'm ready to make. 

Hats are supposed to look cool, and you can't look cool when all you're thinking is: "There's a hat on my head!"So, I will probably not buy this hat, but if you have the swagger to, go forth, look awesome and I will feel a pang of jealousy every time you walk past me in London Fields. 

Incidentally, here are my three hat don'ts...
The tiny little beanie placed at the crown.
The tiny bowler placed at the crown.
Any other type of tiny hat placed at the crown.

I bought the hat. Granted in the sale. So far I've had the comments: "You look like a Kardashian." (AWESOME) and "You look like a detective." I'll take that.

Monday, 8 August 2011


I'm aghast.
When did Frances Bean Cobain 1 - get so skinny 2 - get all that artwork 3 - potentially get work done on her face?
All pics shamelessly stolen from
Go there now for much more mindblowage.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Terry's gold

Despite the controversy surrounding Terry Richardson, and I personally think there's too much evidence to suggest he isn't a dick for it to all be a big misunderstanding, he has a knack when it comes to capturing celebrity. And let's be honest, that's what he does. This isn't art, but these images of Liza are the perfect example of when he's good, he's great. Source: Terry's Diary

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Roll with it

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates ,

How undeniably amazing are these skates? I say undeniably because 1 - I always think the people skating or blading through the parks of London are douches, 2 - I can't skate and 3 - they're three hundred flippin' dollars.. yet I still think they're all kinds of awesome.
I spotted these babies on and had to share them, not only because they are supercool, but because is the greatest website I've ever read and want everyone else to get on board too. I'm sure the works of Sassy and Jane mag will be totally familiar to most bloggers thanks to a huge Jane Pratt love-in across the internet, but as neither publication ever hit UK shores, the launch of was pretty low-key over here until Courtenay Cox jumped on board and the Daily Mail splashed with her beauty recommendations. Anyway - check it out. If you're a regular reader of this blog I'm sure you'll appreciate it.
You know what else is supercool? My eBay sale! Click here.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shoot me now

Clockwise from top left

I'm not sure that pun on the dreadful shoe-boot amalgam 'shoot' will have worked for anyone except me - whatevs. Sometimes I find myself funnier than any comic, and I should seek help for it. Anyway, the issue at hand is helping me choose some bloody footwear, much of which I've been coveting for a while and some of which I can't afford. (Seriously Topshop - £120 for shoe boots, what the fuck?!)
Anyway - leave comments a-plenty telling me what the heck to buy with my ebay money... speaking of which... CLICK HERE FOR BARGAINS
(You see what I did there?)