Friday, 25 March 2011

Lucky Louis

In another excellent runway-to-high-street move, ASOS has produced this beauty as an 'homage' to Louis Vuitton. This is either an excellent pick for a Spring wedding I have lined up, or a terribly cliched choice, and one that I've based entirely on my new-found and predictable love of Mad Men. Discuss. Should one dare to be different at a wedding? I tried that last year with a Kate Moss maxi, and I'm not sure how well it worked. It's a thinker...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Arty farty

Anyone else find this ASOS ring a bit, ahem, derivative? Nice work team.

Hell for leather

Girls, this baby is half price today in the Toppers Flash Sale. It's sold out in both my sizes, so someone else has to buy it instead. I know, I know, it's the wrong time to be buying leather. But our summers last mere days anyway and this is an investment!
PS - can someone tell me whether they can see my links? I can't work out how to make them visible!

On Rockie ground

 This week's excellent weather (lessons outside anyone?) gave me my first opportunity to crack out my Topshop Rockies. I am in love with these. If they don't need reheeling at least twice this summer I'll eat my sun hat. (PS - my nail polish was NOT chipped in these pics - heaven forfend - it's the light.)
Hope everyone's enjoying Spring - I'm off for my first Starbucks Mango and Passionfruit frap of 2011.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor brows out

My obsession with eyebrows has graced these pages before, so I was sad to learn the owner of the best in the business - Dame Elizabeth Taylor - is off to that big beauty parlour in the sky. This image from the archives of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof shows Liz at her very sultry best. What a fox.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Tie die for

The layout above is a bit of  mess due to four hours of failed experimentation on Picnik, but these are some snaps from my lovely Saturday in the sun. It was an incredibly typical Saturday for us, up, breakfast out and a trip to Broadway market, where all this vintage loveliness was captured, before a wander along the canal to Dalston. Sadly, somewhere along the way, my phone was pickpocketed. But I refused to let that spoil the fun.
The market has a great vintage clothes stall, where those ace tie-die tshirts, excellent printed midis and ridiculous silk harems were captured. Sadly they were too small for me, but I saw a stylist snap them up along with a whole armful of other goodies just moments later.
I was so close to buying about three of the tshirts, but although they were made with vintage, they were mostly of the heavy fruit of the loom variety, rather than the well-worn paper-thin vintage t variety, so I didn't feel they'd hang very well. Will definitely keep my eye out for more in the future - they were a snip at £8.
My outfit photographed terribly, thanks to Jon's apathetic 'one-shot' approach - literally, he would take only one photo - but I was pretty chuffed with it for what felt like the first day of spring.
Scarf - iOffer// Skirt - Old Topshop// Shirt - Topshop// Brogues - Topshop// Bag - Lush

Friday, 18 March 2011

Not for WAGs

Last night I skipped along to my first blogger event -- a wee gathering for EMU, at their pop-up shop on Lamb's Conduit Street. I learned a lot, like EMU don't just make boots. They also offer apparel, the quality of which kind of blew my socks off. Butter-soft leather and machine-washable Merino joins their sheepskin staples. Check out that grey jacket above - it was perfect. But it was the history and integrity of their brand that I enjoyed more than anything.
Their ugg boots (and that's a style people, not a brand) are offered in beautiful earthy hues -- no gaudy pink or diamantes here. Their apparel also offers covetably soft and well-made loungewear -- anyone who's seen my pyjama cupboard knows I like to be comfy.
Their sheepskin boots are also water resistant (proved with an incredible waste of champage by the lovely Frankie of Cube PR) and have a fibreglass heel plate to stop that terrible ugg slouch that happens with cheap models.
For a while I've wanted a pair of sheepskin boots for the hungover days when I just need comfort, but shelling out up to £200 on what is essentially loungewear seemed a little indulgent on my budget. But after trying on a beautiful pair last night I am now well and truly converted to EMUs. (Unfortunately the crazy cute animal-themed kids pairs are, in fact, only for kids and not my size sevens. Damn.)

I also had the opportunity to finally meet my twitter pal, the lovely Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary, and  chatted to awseome IsabelleOC. Another highlight was meeting Alex Loves' Chanel bag!
Thanks to all at EMU and Cube PR for having me.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

True blue

This is what I wore for a recent night out in Swansea for a friend's birthday. This is about as dressed up as I get, nowadays, unless I'm going to, say, a wedding, so I was completely astounded to realise that, trotting down Wind Street, I was literally the only woman in sight wearing trousers (and I do not use the word literally lightly). I spent the rest of the evening trying to spot a kindred spirit - surley all Welsh women can't get their pins out every Saturday on the streets of Swansea? But it appears yes, yes they do.

Shoes - Primark// Jeans - Topshop Jamie Blue/Black// Top - Topshop Tall// Bag - borrowed// necklace - Primark//

Friday, 4 March 2011

Cod almighty

My dear friend Lucie bestowed upon me two perfect dainty presents last night, in celebration of my recent birthday.
The first pays homage to my famous (and much maligned by Lucie) love of owls. How awesome is this little bracelet?
The second is an absolute staple, and something I've been after forever - a necklace to wear every day. This teeny locket has a T engraved on it, and shall never leave my neck from hereonin.
Both are from Urban Outfitters - bracelet here and necklace here.
Thanks Luce! In return I made her Jamie's Tasty Crusted Cod. It was bloody lovely, and I can say that because I'm complimenting Jamie, and not myself.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Rust haves

By hook or by crook I will get outfit posts up, so forgive me for these piss-poor iPhone-in-the-work-toilet snaps. This sweater is incredibly soft, and has lovely white flecks in the fabric, shown better in the detail shot. And yes - I have bought even more H&M cheapo bracelets.
Top and suedette bracelets - H&M// Trousers - Topshop// Brogues - Topshop// Badly-painted nails - Topshop 'At World's End'