Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blogging my birthday shame - part 1

Last Monday was my birthday. Buoyed by a bit of cash and the giddy excitiment of turning 27 (anyone detect my hint of sarcasm?) I embarked upon my first 'social shopping' trip in about 2 years.
I'm an online convert, so the shop-traipsing is something I chose to do only when joined by hand-holding friends, ready to proffer tissues and sympathy when nothing fits. So on Saturday, off we went. And let me tell you, I went crazy.
I plan on debuting as much of my shame as possible on these here pages, but if my recent form tells us anything, it's that my dedication to blogging has flagged of late. I will therefore make no promises, except to say I know fo sho I'll be wearing all of said purchases with fervour over coming weeks, and will try to document accordingly. (Sneak peek - I forgot on Mon, Tues and Wed.)
So here's part one - the jewels: the watch, I already owned, but it has now been joined by two beauties of bracelets, thanks to H&M's current awesome selection of £1.50-£1.99 bargains. The ring, also, was a fab H&M find - their jewelry has taken a real turn for the better in recent months, and I'll be heading back for more treasure as soon as my bank manager releases funds.
The birthday celebrations continued late into the night, and I had, or course, procured glow-stick bracelets with which to adorn my guests. As you do. Word to the Hipstamatic fans out there - they look bloody amazing on that app.


  1. love the ring, nice blog!

  2. glad you had a great birthday! great finds...h&m is the best :)

  3. ohh, happy belated birthday! i so love your ring, i've never really been a ring person but recently i've been lusting over them! hehe. xx


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