Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Christmas Gift For You...

He may be a murderer, but Phil Spector knew how to do Christmas. Forget Band Aid, Alexandra Burke's sacrilegous Hallelujah or the entire Now That's What I Call Xmas album, these are the only sleigh bells I need to get me through the festive period. If you don't own it, get it downloaded and whack it on today, the first day when we're officially allowed to be festive.
The star of the show is, of course, Ronnie Spector, ringleader of The Ronettes and Phil's main squeeze. The woman was a hirsute wonder... and offered more than a little musical, make-up and backcombing inspiration to a certain Miss Winehouse.

That eyeliner! That fringe! That sultry look!
Ronnie has a new EP, Ronnie Spector's Best Christmas Ever, out for Crimbo 2010, and though I can't yet vouch for its quality, I'll be giving it a spin this afternoon.
Seems like a good time to debut my new Ronnie (and maybe a little bit Winkleman)-inspired fringe?

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