Thursday, 14 April 2011

All that glitters aint gold

I'm a sucker for bargain jewellry - ask my boyfriend, who has to put up with rings, bangles and necklaces strewn all over our shoe-box flat. So when I was invited to Gogo Phillip's new Westfield concession I couldn't resist checking out the offerings. Having been a fan of this brand for a while, a chat with Gogo himself cemented my enthusiasm. "I want to recreate that feeling of finding a great piece of vintage - but make it affordable," he said. And his designs have definitely captured that. You'll be hard pushed to find a piece for more than 12 quid, and some of this jewelry is incredibly intricate.
The man has a real passion for bling, having inherited the family trade from his father, who owns a factory back in Italy, where all the Gogo Phillip wares are handmade. This is a brand with a lot of love behind it -- it's not often you find that at high street prices.
Gogo -- ever the charmer -- took the opportunity to create a one-off for Miss Ashanti there, who I met for the first time at the event. I also had the chance to catch up with lovelies Jazmine, Amy and Ellie... and pick a couple of Gogo Phillip treasures for myself - the beautiful floral perfume bottle necklace and turquoise effect ring, which I haven't taken off since.


  1. i love his pieces and i may have to get one of those perfume bottle oneswith the flowers on? they are beautiful :) xx

  2. ahh, i adore the picture of gogo and ashanti! i had a lovely time, it was lovely to see you again. i'm so very happy with my necklaces, there were so many beautiful pieces on offer! xx

  3. These pictures are gorgeous, my favourite is the first shell necklace, and I actually like the pic of me.

    btw i wil make sure to forward you bits, and bobs you will make the event more fun. xx

  4. Gorgeous stuff, love the first necklace and the items you chose,

    Penny x

  5. Wow, those mini bottles are absolutely beautiful!


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