Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cracked out

Ok, so I'm pretty tardy to the Barry M Instant Nail Effects party, mainly because it was sold out everywhere I looked before Xmas. BUT, I have a small pearl of wisdom to impart which makes what must be the millionth blog post on this clever-if-not-slightly-gimmicky product worthwhile:
The thinner the stroke, the more it splits.
See my thumb - this was a relatively thin coat. The ring finger was a much thicker layer. So there you have it.
The basecoat above is Nails Inc Cadogan Square, a lovely creamy camel that matches my skin colour perfectly in natural light, meaning it can look a little like I'm wearing no polish at all. It's pretty damn chic. Application was a little patchy so you'll need a steady hand, two good coats and some Seche Vite.


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