Thursday, 20 January 2011

You can't always get what you want

My love for Lauren Conrad is not undocumented on these pages... nor is it particularly original, edgy or fashion forward. That said, I would be lying if I didn't admit, I ask myself 'What would Lauren do' more often than I reach for the divine intervention of the Olsens, who I always thought were my ultimate style icons. Which is why I loved receiving Lauren Conrad Style this Christmas.
I know, many of my readers are now going to ask themselves why on earth they follow me - I take style advice from a reality TV star who pretended to work in fashion and offered a very dull line of basics for an extortionate amount. That said, reading the book (I say reading, it took me all of a day) was a wonderful reminder that there is a simple, systematic approach to style that my wardrobe severely lacks.
I far too often buy clothes without considering where they fit in my wardrobe, which is an incredible waste when they never get worn.
I am also someone who sadly cannot carry off the 'effortless style' look - crumpled clothes and slouchy layers leave me looking more off-the-street hobo than off-duty model. Lauren's more polished aesthetic is something I'm aspiring to, not because it's my favourite style by far, but because it's something that I know in my heart of hearts suits me better than ALL the clothes I naturally gravitate to.
Do any of you forsake your favourite trends in leiu of a more flattering style? If the Rolling Stones taught me anything, it's that when buying clothes at least, you can't always get what you want.
As an aside, I love her new hair colour. At the end of February I'm booked in to go lighter - I figure life's too short to not try ombre before it dies. But if I chicken out, I may go for this subtle chestnut look?


  1. Flatforms - 'fugliness incarnate', well she said it... they're gross!
    I also aspire to a polished look, but fear I will never pull it off as I'm about the clumsiest person in the world... doesn't stop me trying though.

  2. flatforms haha, what a funny name, not all that bad though!!! LC has got a fab style, very effortless and something I can definitely not pull of

    Hannah xx

  3. I picked it off the shelf and had a flick, I'm not going to lie. I did like the section on what to pack for different holidays. :)


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