Tuesday, 15 March 2011

True blue

This is what I wore for a recent night out in Swansea for a friend's birthday. This is about as dressed up as I get, nowadays, unless I'm going to, say, a wedding, so I was completely astounded to realise that, trotting down Wind Street, I was literally the only woman in sight wearing trousers (and I do not use the word literally lightly). I spent the rest of the evening trying to spot a kindred spirit - surley all Welsh women can't get their pins out every Saturday on the streets of Swansea? But it appears yes, yes they do.

Shoes - Primark// Jeans - Topshop Jamie Blue/Black// Top - Topshop Tall// Bag - borrowed// necklace - Primark//


  1. Love the top and it's a super cute photo with the cocktail.


  2. lovely outfit, the top is really pretty. i find it amusing when you go out for a night all the girls wear less and less clothes and also manage to look more and more orange!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. i adore your primark heels, they look lovely with the skinny jeans! haha, can't believe you were the only one wearing trousers - that's ridiculous! xx

  4. i've just recently started wearing jeans on nights out, i see it as a 'coming of age' passage hahaha.
    have fun at the bloggers party tomorrow - little bit gutted i can't go :( xx

    ragmagpie.blogspot.com xx

  5. hahaa that's us welsh women for you :) i don't think i have EVER not worn a dress on wind street,lol!x


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