Friday, 25 March 2011

Lucky Louis

In another excellent runway-to-high-street move, ASOS has produced this beauty as an 'homage' to Louis Vuitton. This is either an excellent pick for a Spring wedding I have lined up, or a terribly cliched choice, and one that I've based entirely on my new-found and predictable love of Mad Men. Discuss. Should one dare to be different at a wedding? I tried that last year with a Kate Moss maxi, and I'm not sure how well it worked. It's a thinker...


  1. I think you should totally get this for the wedding but I'm not the best for advice on these matters since I haven't been to any weddings since I was a kid.

  2. Don't try and fight the Mad Men influence, its a good strong look! I was totally addled by it when I went to Marsh's wedding.

  3. Slightly unrelated, but is the girl on the right the girl on The Model Agency that brags about her 2 apartments in the opening credits?

  4. We think it will totally depend on the weather! It's the kind of dress that will love great on a sunny hot day, but could let you down on a grey and miserable one.

  5. @Hannah - I love a good wedding.
    @Helen - I don't know, I haven't seen it - I iwsh I had! Probably!
    @seasons You make a very good point!


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