Thursday, 21 October 2010

Grunge glam, thank you Maam!


The Topshop Heavy Duty Limited Edition Make Up collection is right up my alley - especially the polishes. I almost left with three, but as I'd bought Chanel's Paradoxal a mere half-hour earlier, I thought this might be a bit excessive. I soul-searched for a good 20 minutes before settling for Grunge, but I can't promise I won't be back for Lead.

Grunge is a beautiful black base/gold mettalic combo which looks kind of khaki green in the right light. It goes with absolutely all my recent A/W aquisitions, including purple, nude, terracotta and especially camel.

It's totally opaque with two well-applied coats, and super glossy due to the amazing gold shimmer that adds a little understated glam to daytime. And 48 hours in with CND Stickey basecoat (review to come) and Seche Vite, it's chip-free.

Well done Topshop!


  1. lead is a.m.a.zing aswell. i only wish these had the spotty tops! is that sad haha? x

  2. Dark nail polishes are my favs. Especially black, dark red, burgundy and brown. They're perfect for Fall/winter, they go with everything and they're perfect matches of golden jewellery.

    Great review btw, thanks.

    Stop by anytime if you want :)



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