Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Lita bit of a confession...

I have something to get off my chest. I've been trying to keep it quiet but my adversion to a particular garment has been brewing inside me, emitting noxious hate gas like a particularly offensive geyser. In the interest of not developing an ulcer I have to go public - I hate the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots.
Wow. That feels better. You see, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, these ugmeisters are the toast of blogtown, but I just can't get on board. But I fear alienating readers with my unfashionable hate... what is it about these that attracts you all? 
I think my personal aversion comes from an obsession with conventional platform-to-heel ratio... these are just too much like a corrective shoe for someone with lopsided legs than a fashion garment. I also know I would look like an utter tit in them, but that's never made me dislike a trend before, as you must have all realised by now.
In the interest of full discosure I suppose I should outline the other 2010 trends I can't abide.
The trapper hat. Come on guys; I embraced the lumberjack shirt in both the nineties and 2009, I'm on-board with the shearling in all its incarnations, but fur on your head?! This is the UK, not Cicely, Alaska! (Anyone who doesn't get that reference, get yourself to Amazon, order Northern Exposure seasons one to three and bloody well enjoy).
Jewelled/sequined/leopard knicker shorts. This is a cruel joke from the skinny bitches at Topshop right? Who the frigg is brave/thin/exhibitionist or impervious-to-the-cold enough to wear these? Ok, Jamie Winstone, but who else?
What trends do you wish would naff off?


  1. oh no! i own a pair of sequin hotpants from topshop. i'm not that much of a skinny bitch, honest! haha. i've only worn them twice, though (halloween and birthday party, both indoors), i've had them for over a year. maybe i'll get them out this halloween and feature them on my blog to annoy you, aha! my thighs aren't the same as they were last year, though!

    love the fact that you have been brave enough to voice what you dislike, most people wouldn't! xx

  2. Pahaha! Brilliant! Those boots are bloody awful; as are the pants! I don't mind trapper hats, but only for their practicality, nice and snuggly and you don't get lines on your hair like you do with berets! x

  3. i love trapper hats. but i have always been a bit crazy with my hats, and i was on board with this style way before someone at fashion hq decided to make it a trend.
    i think it's because i wanted to be sherlock holmes as a child.

    the hotpants thing is a big no for me. i like some underwear as outerwear but this just takes the piss. i swear i have actual knickers bigger than things they try and fob off as shorts nowadays.

    those boots are okay, but i agree about the whole platform to heel ration thing. i've seen many a hipster wearing shoes where the heel is only a tiny bit taller than the platform and i just think it's pointless.
    these spring to mind every time i tsee it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chopine


  4. good for you! those shoes are fierce...but so hard to pull off and not look like taylor momsen. the hats, again, i'd never wear one, some boys look okay in them, but theyre ultimately ridiculous. and the knickers? i confess i wore them. TO A LADY GAGA FANCY DRESS PARTY :D x

  5. I hear you! I think they're likeable because they're so bloomin ugly. A contradiction of soles.. I can't say I'm a fan, though I don't quite feel your rant-worthy hate hehe :) I just think they're too gothic for little old me jazzy ♥

  6. ... and I really don't like camel coats! I Love the colour, I own a blouse, some trousers and shoes, but I think the coats are so boring!


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