Monday, 22 November 2010

Beauty's only thin deep?

In an instance of kismet, this project found its way to me just when I needed it. After having to return another whole Topshop order because everything looked dreadful on me, I was introduced to Redrawn, a fashion project from Natalie at via
Natalie is reimagining catwalk looks on non-conventional bodies, and the illustrated results are fabulous. The project 'draws' (pah!) attention to age-old fact that the fashion industry pays little to no attention to, not just overweight people, but curvy girls, booby ladies, the very thin, the very tall, the teeny small - anyone who doesn't fit into Topshop's idea of slim-hipped beauty.

 Thanks to aroselikethis for introducing me to this!


  1. I adore the orange and blue skirt, yummy! But all the designs are fabulous and beatuiful. x

  2. Amazing illustrations! The second Marc Jacobs look is too cute.


  3. I'm so glad you like my drawings! I feel bad now that I had to skip last week, eep!

  4. Your welcome :) i didnt think anyone had read that post on my blog! haha, it was more for my fashion lechturer at college to see because I'm so stuborn on desiging my clothes on bigger models haha :P

    Natalie - the drawing are amazing they've totally inspired me :) x


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