Monday, 1 November 2010

Tint it great

Today I realised I've raved about many a new buy but never mentioned the products I've been using for a while and couldn't live without. There are too many to mention in one go, so I thought I'd start at the bottom with my favourite tinted moisturisors, and pose a VERY important question to you, blogfans... but more on that later.
First, a little about my skin. I suffer from mild hormone-induced acne around my chin. It's pretty combination - I can't live without moisturiser as I end up with ashy make-up (lovely) so I tend to use combination skin products.

At £30 a pop, Estee Lauder DayWear Plus is pretty pricey, but a little goes a long way. This tends to last me more than 6 months with regular use. The best thing is it adjusts to match your skintone. I know, it sounds impossible, but next time you're by the Estee Lauder counter ask to try it out - this stuff is magical.
The product gives a lovely dewy, glowing finish to skin, with a tiny touch of shimmer that's especially flattering on a sunkissed face. That's when this product really comes into its own - you can wear throughout your hols as your skin darkens (I know I'm reviewing this at EXACTLY the wrong time of year) then when you get back to Blighty, until your tan fades and your usual base matches again. Genius!

Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturizing Balm was recommended to me by the always-helpful assistant in Selfridges when I was looking for a dewy finish that would still cover my spots while hydrating my skin.
It seems quite thick but goes on really smooth and subtly, and offers light coverage and plenty of moisture.
I like to use this more in the winter months, as the 'balm'; texture offers excellent protection against the wind and harsh weather. But with SPF25 this is also great in the summer! I've had a few skin compliments when wearing this - shocking as, with my dreadful complexion I'm happy if people don't recoil in horror. It's another pricey one - £32 - but I've not seen a similar budget product anywhere, if that helps!

Apologies there are no before and after shots of these - the thought of revealing my face free from make-up makes me feel rather sick, so you'll have to take my word that these two are well-worth your hard-earned.

So here's my dilemma: when using a tinted moisturiser, do you use a regular moisturiser first? I can't imagine getting a flawless finish if I applied somethig pigmented onto dry skin - my face would soak up the product more in some parts that others and leave it all pretty patchy. What do you guys do? Help!


  1. i don't moisturise before tinted moisturiser. But sometimes if i get really bad patches of dryness, like when a breakout is healing up, i put bepanthen on it over night and/or 30 mins before i do my makeup (making sure to blot any excess off with a tissue).

    I know bepanthen is nappy rash cream but seriously, the stuff is pretty nifty!

  2. Mm the Bobbi sounds lush! And Daywear is such a classic. I love it. As you're using a light moisturiser it probably doesn't matter that you're using both moisturiser and tinted moisturiser - though it's probably a good indicator that you're skin is a bit dehydrated overall and your cleansing routine could be worth a revisit?!! Or maybe your moisturiser is too light. How about using a serum and then a tinted moisturiser, as that way you're avoiding layering SPFs, which can be drying in themselves. Bakel's Jaluronic is top of my recommends and I have dehydrated combination skin too. Sorry - essay!! xx


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