Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wats-on Emma today?

Never thought I'd say this, but Hermione Grainger is hitting it out of the ballpark. She's always tried to dress well, bless her, and fash eds have been trying to convince me she's a style icon for years, but she's always been a bit... meh. But now it's as if the foxy hair has given her a fresh lease of fashion life... or, more likely, she's hired a new stylist. Either way I ADORE this dress with the red lips, and that Burberry studded trench is calling out for a high street rip-off - ASOS, do your stuff.


  1. i saw the picture of her wearing that black velvet dress and red wine lips in a mangazine and FELL IN LOVE. shes always dressed okay but in the past year or so its become SO much better! :) x

  2. yeah ASOS. get working, and make it for the curve line too you lovely people : )

    i love her hair. i really want to do this to mine but i've been growing it our for ages and i cn't quit now, i'd hate myself!


  3. Theres a piece on her in Elle, and its great, she was saying that her harry potter film contract is finally over and she can be herself. I dont think she has a new stylist, she's just grown up a bit! It must have been so hard for her, as she was growing up a lot of couture wouldnt have been made for her size/age so she was stuck with bridemaid dresses and prom dresses.

    I really like her!

  4. Tbh i always think she's had a pretty cool style but this year she's upped her game!

  5. She's pure class, I love her at the moment!

    I especially love that one shouldered dress it looks beautiful on her with that red lipstick, I totally agree with you.


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