Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hard as nails

Anyone with a well-manicured fingure on the fashion pulse will know nails are having their moment.

I've recently ordered a whole host of new polishes to see me through summer, but until then I'm fantasising about some seriously fancy talons.

The Miu Miu-inspired nails above from stop it right now blew me away - they are some incredibly skills (and spare time)!

And those cheeky chanel sparklers from the genius that is sophy robson would go with absolutely anything.

Unfortunatley I don't have the artistic talent for panting tiny little swallows on my (pretty short) nails, so I'll have to settle for a sweep of amazing all-over colour... when my recent ebay haul arrives from America.

I've been wanting to try out Wah! Nails in Dalston for such a long time... in fact, I've wanted a seafoam leopard look like their beauties above for about three years, so that's definitely on my Summer to-do list - when I get an hour to myself. But until then a friend and I are about to book a summer-ready mani pedi to reinvigorate our tired tootsies after a looooong winter... somewhere a bit more budget along Stoke Newington High Street I think. Will post the results!

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  1. Wooo! I want this pedi:


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