Monday, 24 May 2010

If you steal my sunshine…

If you steal my sunshine…

My h+m Fashion Against Aids haul was filled with highs and lows. Some of the items I coveted most were already sold out, just 8 hours in, others were nabbed with cunning and stealth. I was glad I managed to grab a couple of things, but if anyone knows of a store in London that’s still well stocked, let me know!


These black and white sandals seemed sold-out, until I began to search every nook and cranny of the Regent’s street branch. Finally, nestled under an accessories stand, I found them – in my exact size – 6.5! It was like a gift from the Aztec gods!

Maybe one day, if my current gym regime pays off, I’ll show you how I’ve styled them!

I wish I’d taken a pic of the in-store display that incorporated the tent… I managed to grab one, despite how uncomfortable I was carting it around Topshop later that evening… a whole two-man tent for under a tenner? Bargain!


And now to the depressing part of the day – the following were sadly out of stock. More’s the pity – those deck chairs would have looked great in my flat, and been perfect on this scorching weekend ( am I getting old or is sitting on the grass only comfy for about half an hour?)

If I’m honest with myself, these trousers would probably have been tried on and discarded. But as a leopard-print magpie I couldn’t resist having a good look for them. Probably best for everyone that ever has to walk behind me that they were sold out – I’m yet to find a pair of harem pants that don’t make my arse look like the back of a bus.

I was desperate for this multi-coloured vest, but it wasn’t to be. Oh well, I console myself with the thought that it – in fact, the whole line – was built for babes with bee-stings, not my ample bosom!

UPDATE - Stores are restocking, and my amazing friend Bethan just bagged me two deck chairs and the above vest top. She is the greatest woman on earth, and is now owed ten gin and tonics for her efforts... hurrah!

Thanks to designer/illustrator extraordinaire Jimmy-D for boosting my mad inDesign skills for the composites above!

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  1. Multi-coloured Missoni-esque top is back on Ox St!


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