Thursday, 27 May 2010

A nail in the coffin?

So, sometimes in this consumerist game, something arrives that makes you happy for the rest of the day. That was my ebay OPI haul from the states. enchantedbeautyspot on ebay is such a bargain compared to UK Essie, OPI and China Glaze prices, but you do have to wait a while for them to arrive. In this instance, it just made me more excited when they dropped through the letterbox.

The bulk buy that included the hallowed Seche Vite was supplemented with 3 OPI shades, and I couldn't wait to try them...


From left to right: I'm His Coral-friend, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Alpine Snow.

Now, I chose the first as I wanted a classic coral for summer, the second as I'd heard it was 'like Louboutin nude' (amazing, I thought) and the third because... ok so I got carried away. But franky, two our of three seriously let me down.

I'm His Coral-friend is more or a pinky-red than a true coral. None of that slightly neon zing I'd hoped for.
Coney Island Cotton Candy was the most subtle shade I've ever bought. I think it's safe to say I prefer what Cheryl Cole calls 'happy nails' - something bright and eyecatching that makes you feel done. It was more pink than I'd expected, and took a whopping FOUR COATS for an opaque look... and even then, look how similar it is to my bare pinkie!

And finally, Alpine Snow - bizarrely this was my fave of the three, and the one I've been sporting all week. It goes with everything, and although it's a bit like Tipp-Ex, three people have complimented me on it this week - makes it a winner in my eyes!


Ended up slapping Coral-friend on the toes too because, well, I'd paid for it, then I realised something magical - it's an EXACT MATCH to the M&S geranium lipstick I bought recently, also expecting an amazing coral. Spooky.

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