Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Greasy dreadlocks be gone...

I've spoken before of my love for Batiste - seriously, it's an addiction - so I was excited to receive a sample of Batiste Nude.

It's a more eco-friendly option from the dry shampoo experts: 100% natural, fragrance free and without a spray application. I was keen to see if it lived up to the rest of the range.

My first thought was that it's a little tricky to apply. The spray gives a pretty even coverage, whereas the nozzle on this makes it a bit more difficult to target the roots without a stubborn white scalp effect... until I tried the palm technique. This natural powder's pretty silky, so you can rub some into your hands and then rub it into your hair, and it works really well.

It also feels like you get more in the bottle with this baby. It's a 50g powder compared to 150ml in the can, but I reckon you spray half in the air with the canister, so this should last much longer (I currently average a can every two weeks on the spray formula).

Some dry shampoos I've used only last about 4 hours before the grease returns, but this different formula was still long-lasting, and there's the added bonus of knowing you're using a chemical-free formula.

Overall I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. If you have the time to apply more strategically, the benefits of Nude outweigh the pitfalls of its nozzle. But, unfortunately for Nude I'm a girl on the go.

That said, it's great to have a more environmentally concious option on the market.

Eco-warriers, go forth and dryify! 


  1. I've never tried a dry shampoo before, I don't think they even stock the stuff here in Greece! Good thing my hair never gets too greasy in-between washes :)

  2. I really wanted to dry this. I saw it in a superdrug and thought, shall i? I decided to leave it. I might have to go back and try it. My hair doesnt get to greasy or oily. Just like the feeling of clean blonde hair.


  3. Dry shampoo is a GODSEND! Particularly for festival season! jazzy ♥


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