Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Come buy with me...

I've made a few purchases recently that I just haven't had chance to reveal on the blog. I suppose I was waiting until I wore them, and then ended up not having time to take outfit pics. I hate that! So I thought I'd reveal my new finds in one fell swoop, then hopefully they'll crop up in some outfit posts in coming weeks...

Dress - Topshop - £40// Shorts - Topshop - £35// Boots - ASOS - £85// Jeans - Topshop (High waisted 70s) - £40// Shirt - Topshop - £40

The dress is Kate Moss (shocker) and I love it. The shorts are really soft and yet to be worn - Saturday night on the tiles, I hope you're ready. The boots were a total mistake. I love them, they go with everything, but in a 7 they are just too high for me. I do this about once a year - buy completely impractical shoes that just sit in my room.

The jeans arrived and said 'Jamie' on them, but are exactly the same serial number as my order and fit like a glove, so who knows what's going on in Toppers' labelling dept. And the shirt is possibly a little fitted, but I'm going to tuck it in to the shorts so didn't want it to be too diaphanous! Booby ladies take heed - go a size up!

And that's my autumn update in a nutshell!

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