Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Never 21

After ogling these fab boots on Fade to Black, I realised they weren't, in fact, the mega expensive Chloe version, but a bargain pair from Forever 21. Too good to miss right? So I headed over to their site, filled my basket, then realised the shipping to the UK is $45! Are you freaking kidding me?
I strongly declined taking that exorbitant hit. But, for my yankee friends, here's a small sample of what else I would have bought from their New In section alone...


  1. i love forever 21! spent hours in there when i went to florida mall! these remind me of an updated more buckley version of topshop's studded aztec boots i bought last winter x

  2. HOW much?! Wow, bit much. Lovely boots though! x

  3. I know the feeling - the same with Urban Outfitters shipping to the UK, it's about $50. A couple of years ago I found some amazing boots and I decided to save 50 bucks and send them to my brother in NY - but they got stolen from the post room in his apt building. Gutted.

    I'm sure the blog world must be able to work out a reciprocal shop and can't cost that much to ship, esp if you do away with the box...

  4. They've opened up in the Bullring in Birmingham and I'm pretty sure they're coming to London soon. Lets hope!!! <3


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