Friday, 3 September 2010

Sexual shearling

I'm kind of obsessed with shearling. I needed a piece of the action. So as my jacket experience was a full-on fail, I've gone for some fabulous boots. As a little teaser to which ones I've bought, I thought I'd play a game - guess which furry fellas I've gone for... the answer's coming, with an outfit post, tomorrow!
1. Kurt Geiger via ASOS - £180// 2. ASOS - £85// 3.New Look - £34.99  4. River Island - £75//


  1. I love the shearling trend, I don't know if I could work it. My favourite boots are the last one, but saying that I love them all!

  2. I hope you bought the last pair! Although I swear it's the 3rd pair that are from New Look, not the 4th...


  3. Oh my these are hot. I shouldn't look seeing as i one have enough shoes and two don't have money. But they are tempting

    Much love

  4. such beautiful boots! i've had my eye on some myself, but flat ones! i think you may have gone for the river island ones??!!

  5. great choices, I like that you have given a decent range of affordability. I am so skint but they look so snuggly!

  6. Oooh these are fit mrs! I think shoe shearling is right on. It's a lot more subtle than the inyourface aviator jackets too (I think regular leather jackets are much more classic). These will stand the test of time! jazzy ♥


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