Thursday, 17 June 2010

Get stoned

There was a recurring theme among the fash pack at the Isle of Wight festival, where stonewash denim reigned supreme.

I think I own the shirt top-centre -- if it's from New Look -- and have some Levi 501 cutoffs rather similar to that fab belted pair top-left, which makes me think I do have something to wear to the Kings of Leon gig I'm off to next week (my only bash at a festival this year).

Though, in some ways, these pics are partly making me want to run far far away from this look, as it may be pretty ubiquitous in Hyde Park next Wednesday... ponder ponder...

Pics from see here


  1. Ooh, lovely pics! I have some denim shorts from Topshop but think they're a bit too crotchy! Still on the hunt for the perfect pair.
    Thanks for your entries to my comp, best of luck to you my love! xx

  2. So loving stonewash denim right now!

    Thanks for entering my competition! Just to let you know, the link to your blog doesn't work, feel free to comment again (and be entered again :)) with a working one!

    tweet tweet tweet



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