Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Just in case anyone but my nearest and dearest are reading this, thought I’d do a quick Q&A thing… in the style of Adam Buxton.

For all who don’t know, Adam Buxton’s Big Mix Tape is a 6music show where the legendary comedian/presenter/beardface compiles a playlist on a theme, such as a break up tape. It’s fabulous Sunday fun.

In his inimitably whimsical way, Adam asks his weekly guest a series of questions, which I’ll attempt to answer here…

Who are you?
Tory Frost

What do you do?
I’m a magazine editor in the internal communications industry (WAKE UP!)

Who do you do?
A tall, thin, handsome chap called Jonathan Calvert Lowe

My nephew Gabriel, my Steve Madden biker boots, Anna Sui Dreams, sea foam green, spooning, oat-based cereals, Le Creuset teal, Singstar, pyjamas

People eating fruit in public, Crocs, people who say ‘the boy’ , the Daily Mail

No thanks

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