Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The highest form of flattery?



So it's time for my first splurge or steal effort, and it comes in the voluptuous shape of Miu Miu's bejewelled beauties... (and inspiration for the nails I blogged about here.)

River Island (or as my mates and I like to call it, Diamante Island) have done the first high street take on the most theatrical shoes of the season... to a mixed reaction from me.

The jewelling is pretty, and not a million miles away from the original. The shape is not bad, but I would have liked a higher platform for less clump-factor. But the print... cherries? Really RI? Is that not a bit... naff? An elegant tulip or perhaps a palm frond would have been a less-tacky, more evocative nod to the sweeping shadows of these much-loved swallows.

Anyway, these puppies will give you change from a fifty -- more than you can see for the originals.

Bottom pic courtesy of thecherryblossomgirl

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