Thursday, 29 July 2010

Chung, drawn and quartered

So I have a slight obsession with her? And? Yeah I know, me and every other loser. And I couldn't be further from her body-shape, so my absolute adoration for her style is ridiculous. Imagine Kelly Brook wearing Alexa's clothes? That's how I'd look if I tried to emulate her. (not that I have the awesome body of Kelly Brook either... oops, just revealled my much less cool celeb-obsession!) Oh well, a  girl can dream....

Pics from L'Officiel August 2010, courtesy of studdedhearts


  1. It's ok, I love her too. She is so beautiful though, and she always wears exactly what I would wear if I were as tiny as her. *sigh*

  2. i haven't seen these pics before, thankyou for introducing me to them! alexa is awesome, she pretty much always looks fantastic, so jealous haha!


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