Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday mumbling

Thought I'd round up a couple of thoughts I've been having today, in no particular order (I know, lucky you, right?).
If I were engaged and incredibly rich, I'd consider this Givenchy A/W 2010 gown as a wedding dress. I can just imagine my mother's face...
This is the nicest tattoo I've ever seen. I don't have any myself, and probably never will because I'm far too fickle. But this is really sweet. And if they break up, they can just pretend they really like milk. Or cereal. Or change it to Milko forever... whatever.
It's my friends Emma and Andrew's wedding on Saturday, and there better be some flippin' Britney on the playlist for old times' sake.

As you were.


  1. The givenchy a/w collection is absolutely breathtaking
    Have fun at the wedding!


  2. aw that tattoo is so cute. :)

    {no, it's not about birds}

  3. That dress is beautiful, imagine peoples faces! hehe.

    And I love the tattoo, too cute.


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