Monday, 5 July 2010

Cut down in your Primark

Thought I'd share a little haul I had recently at everyone's favourite bargain hall Primark.
First up this cuff, which goes with a lilac outfit I'm sporting to a friend's up-coming nuptuals...

I love finding the perfect accessory for £2.50.
Next is some summer sandals you must have seen everyone wearing...
A mere £12 for real-life suede in a lovely corally-pink. This is also a great opportunity to showcase my current favourite nails (ok, I'm starting to say that every week) - OPI's Done Out In Deco. That's a pretty good colour representation, and it goes on really nicely. A great summer shade... and who knew lilac went with everything?

(I also bagged some black suede studded gladiators for £12, and wanted to blog them, but they got so dusty last night in Hyde Park I couldn't possibly show them off... when I've cleaned them up maybe...)

And who would believe the beautiful eiderdown these are all modelled on is Primers too? A snip at £15 and so close to (if not a little smaller than) the Laura Ashley ones I've been coveting for about three years. It's come in so handy in the last week when it's too hot for a duvet, too cold for nothing, and will be pretty snuggly in the winter too.

So my last item was a head scratcher. I know in this fashion world we're supposed to be looking forward, but I've never been too good at buying for the season ahead, so this purchase took some mulling over...

I absolutely adore this, but its two layers of polyester make it impossible to wear in the summer. It's an autumn item to be worn with black tights and boots, I reckon, so I have squirrelled it away for cooler climes. (It was £15, FYI.)

But that's the problem with Primark, isn't it - almost everything you pick up is synthetic. I'm surprised I don't get static shocks just strolling through the aisles. Ah the price we (don't) pay for fashion!

UPDATE - I've changed my comments so anyone can do it, even if you don't have a google account etc. PLEASE let me know (twitter? email?) if you can't make it work!

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