Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Excuse me Miss

So my twitter is all, well, atwitter with the Miss Selfridge A/W collection... and it's not good. Someone even mentioned doing a mouthsick... a visceral reaction so strong it should be reserved for furry crocs, surely?

Anyway, I've had a little shufty, and I have to say, I've seen some gems! Now, this being a blog and all, I must be true to myself and say I probably won't buy any of these items. They fit firmly into the looks-awesome-on-someone-else-who-is-thinner-and-goes-to-more-interesting-places-than-me camp... but it's fun to play around outside out usual style boundaries, right?

1 - Can't you just see yourself swanning around an illicit party in the seventies, cigarette in one hand, martini in another, draped in this baby? It's fabulous!
2 - A lined cardie/coat seems so warm right now while I'm trapped in my over-air-conditioned office. It's only 25 outside people, just crack a window!
3 - I would definitely wear this if I were Florence. With number 6. But more about them later.
4 - Do I love 'em? Do I hate 'em? There's definitely something I love about the heel... it reminds me of my forever style-icon Angela Chase. They would look amazing with woolly tights. (Yep, I'm still cold).
5 - A duo I would wear if I were off out on a fabulous night anytime soon. There's something really interesting about how eclectic this whole collection is... seventies, sixties, witchies...
6 - These are the only thing I'm really coveting. I can see these teamed with a million mini shifts I've seen recently, or my skinnies, or even some J Brand Houlihans (and I don't even like 'em much!). Alas, I can't walk around London all day in a heel. Oh God. I just used the fashion singular. Now that deserves a mouthsick!

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  1. I LOVE that red dress and the lace up boots! The red dress totally reminds me of Abigails Party type era! lovely stuffs. x


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