Thursday, 22 July 2010

On your bike

Cycling is everywhere at the moment. London's Cycle Hire Scheme launches at the end of the month, Skyrides will fill the streets with bikes pretty soon, and articles in Stylist and the Daily Mail are featuring pedalling ladies, and pushing in a 'look ladies, biking's not just for boys!' angle.

Unfortunately, the Daily Snail is a little behind the times. Across Europe cycling's been seen as an affordable, green and, more excitingly, fashionable option for the fairer sex.

The cyclechic movement has seen ladies (and gents) forsake the lycra to be stylish in the saddle, and there are plenty of websites showcasing sartorially interesting cyclists to chose from - they make me so jealous, because looking good on two wheels is not as easy as it looks.

I've had my beautiful bike (below) for almost a year, and cycle to work about three times a week.
Pashley Poppy in Blue

It's around 35 minutes each way, and pretty good exercise if you get your head down and go for it. Unfortunately, it can be sweaty work. Decked in my gym gear and bright pink helmet, I sail past plenty of ladies looking great in their capes, jeans, even heels, and have no idea how they aren't a total mess when they arrive. All I can deduce is they have much shorter journeys than mine, or are those lucky types who don't break a sweat.

Either way, I bought my bike with visions of sailing through central London, wind whistling through my hair, flowers and baguette in my basket, skirt flowing in the breeze. The realisty is my hunched over the handlebars, basket at home because it weighs me down, lycra glistening in the polluted air. I'm occasionally jealous of those stylish cyclists, but the pursuit is actually so fun I soon forget and just enjoy the ride.

If I were a sweatless lady, with no care for safety (my helmet is a must) I'd like to think I'd look as good as Agyness on my bike.

P.S For cyclechic sites, see londoncyclechic, and the original, copenhagencyclechic, or check out Bobbin Bicycles, where I bought my blue lovely, it's the best bike shop in London!


  1. Woah! She trully looks gorgeous on her bike! * ^ *
    ...and you've got such an adorable bike, Miss!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~



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  3. I love your blog, it's nice!

    She looks perfect, ). I'd like to use a bike but I don't know to ride a binycle.. :)

    kisses, from eS.

  4. wish i lived somewhere where i could cycle

  5. you have some REALLY cool stuff ! . i LOVE your blog .follow me so i can follow you too,this way i'll be updated about your blog .:)

  6. Love this post... I've been thinking of cycling to work for a long time. But I know I'd be one of those who would arrive mega-dishevelled...

  7. What a northern beaut. I love how she's able to cycle in her Westwoods - I struggle without my stabalisers - HA

    Yours Truly


  8. I've just stumbled upon this post from your front page, drawn in by the picture of the Pashley... oh to own one... you're very lucky. Don't worry about feeling unstylish whilst riding, i'm too nervy to ride without a helmet too and with anything that could restrict me in ANY way. Good luck with your cycling adventures, love your blog!


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