Monday, 12 July 2010

Take matte

During a fleeting visit to Superdrug to grab some painkillers, I was momentarily distracted by the kaleidoscopic Barry M counter.

A friend had mentioned Barry M's Cyan, and once I saw it, I couldn't resist. It helped that she lives a few doors down from me, and we can effectively share a nail polish collection, so in my mind I was doing a public service by picking up this little beauty. (£2.99)

I hope you ladies (and gentlemen) are sitting down because what I'm about to tell you could knock you off your feet... this is only two coats! This polish is a flippin' gem. Regular readers will know I'm a three-coat addict, but there was absolutely no need with this creamy, opaque beauty. And the colour is great. (Coated with Seche Vite here for extra gloss)
Then I took things to another level. I picked up Topshop's Matte with my other items last Wednesday, and although I was pretty dubious as to whether I'd take to matte nails, on a vibrant colour like this I'm sold.
Don't get me wrong, I'll always love that shiny manicured look. But for the crazier colours in my repertoire this gives a more casual edge I'm a real fan of. Would rather like to try it with some of Barry's ice cream colours, and definitely with Topshop's Gypsy Night, just to see what it does to glitter polishes. Either way, it's a fun product for a fiver, worked well here on top of my topcoat, letting you change it up on a whim, and dried in seconds with no brushstroaks. Go forth and mattify!


  1. I love that blue! I have a dress the same colour and need that polish in my life!! Love the matte look too.

  2. i've seen this polish & nearly bought it myself but i opted for a mint green instead! though after seeing this i think i'll have to go back & buy...LOVE the matte look too :)

  3. ooh im so glad you've tried this! Ive been wanting to buy it for forevz!

  4. lovely post!

    cool colour:))

    thanx for visitin!

    keep in touch!


  5. Just found your blog, what gorgeous nails <3
    Come enter my giveaway!

    xo Lynzy

  6. I can taste the rainbow - wait! That would be poisonous!

    Yours truly



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