Wednesday, 7 July 2010

We had a time...

The greatest tv program ever made. I know I'm not the first to say it, or see it as fashion inspiration, but I can say with hand on heart that since I watched this with my sister more than a decade ago, I knew that was how I wanted to dress.
I made my Mum buy me some cork-heeled logger boots from the market, a lumberjack shirt from C&A, and counted the days until I was 16 and allowed to die my hair red. Oh how I loved Angela...
Then, around 2005 I noticed Mary-Kate Olsen start to wear clothes I'd only ever seen before on Rayanne Graff - the checked shirt, the maxis, the clothes that would become ubiquitous four years later.
From autumn to winter 2009 I scoured ebay for a pair of those loggers. I tried to pluck up the courage to ask the awesome girl at my train station how the hell she tracked hers down, and I failed on both counts.
And now, as the high street starts to stock it's autumn lines (how already? It's not even August!) I'm starting to think once more about the boots that will complete my life. This year you will be mine!

Teen TV has never been as good as this, so I can't wait to see creator Winnie Holtzman's new show Huge. The fat-camp-based pilot was picked up, and if the series is as honest, accurate and well-acted as MSCL, I know I'll be totally hooked!


  1. hope you manage to get them! Its so crazy that the autumn collections are in store already!

    Come enter my blog giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse if you like! xxx

  2. oh gosh I loved it too! And jared was lovely back then. Now he's a bit weird.

    I heard about Huge today too and am mega excited! x

  3. Recently bought the box set of MSCL - heaven


    All this is Grace and Charm


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