Thursday, 19 August 2010

The art of the knock-off...

Now, here's a little lovely that has been floating around the internets for a while; Alpha 60's awesome River Phoenix t-shirt. Its a steep £55 on ASOS, and perpetually sold out. Money limitations and the elusive nature of the t-shirt have prevented me from making it mine, but I couldn't help but dip my toe in the sometimes murky waters of eBay to see if they had a similar t-shirt. They did, of course; with the same cool-as-all-hell image from Stand By Me with a young River, fag in hand.

Alpha 60's:

Most of them were going for about £11, plus postage from Japan, and I've got to say, I'm a little tempted. Not for a second do I think it would have the lovely hang and quality of its designer doppelganger, but in truth its probably not something I would wear that often anyway, and as much as I love it now I can see me being fickle and getting over it pretty quickly (unlike my stance on River himself I hasten to add!).

An eBay offering...

Anyway, what do you guys reckon? Are knock-offs ever acceptable? In this case, I'm inclined to say yes...

This is my last guest blog post - I've had a blast and I'm quite sad to hand Curve in the Mode back to its rightful owner! Thanks for having me though! If you want to keep reading my musings, in a shortened form, feel free to follow me on Twitter, I'm @bethevs.


  1. knock-offs are fine in most cases.

    but i do hate bags that have a fake designer pattern or logo, or tees that someone has basically just printed "Louis Vuitton" or whatever on it.

    but your tshirt is more like "inspired by"
    if you get what i mean.

    i have so many things which are based on designer stuff, mostly though its quilted handbags, in an effort to be chanel chic on a budget : D


  2. i highly disapprove of knockoffs. it's not fair to the designer who puts in so much hard work


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