Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Greece is the word

Ah the holiday in Samos. It seems so long ago, now I've had three days back at work. But it was, in fact, immense. Seven sun-filled days (and phew wot a scorcher - 40 degrees every day, I tell yer) of lying on the beach, eating uh-mazing food and basically living the high life.

We were staying in an apartment with friends... little did I know (until we arrived) that the apartment was owned by the family of none other than Lopi, the Fashion Architect - blogger extraordinaire!
She's a friend and colleague of our friend Vasilis, and was born and grew up in Samos, so she showed us around all week, making our trip extra special. Here she is with a particularly beautiful and friendly kitten...
So, this was the fantastic view from our terrace, where we spent much time doing the G2 crossword, drinking beer and swatting mosquitoes...
Yep - there was a little beach below where we took a morning dip to cool down after each pretty hot night's sleep. And if you aren't yet jealous enough, here's the obligatory sea through legs shot from another beach we visited:
It was so hot, I was so unprepared and did such terrible last-minute packing that my outfits were dull, functional and essentially in-what-will-I-sweat-least affairs... basically an approximation of this, every day:

Shorts// old old Topshop, Vest // River Island, Flip -flops//Havianas, Glasses, somewhere in LA, Hat// cannot for the life of me remember.

The coolest thing we did was go to a lovely little open-air cinema, complete with pizza delivered to your table, beer, free doughnuts, a barking dog and mosquitoes. Unfortunately we saw Nine, which was utter crap, but the experience was great. Definitely something you should do if you get the chance!

Now to the shopping. I actually bought very little. In fact only souvenirs. I give you, the ridiculous slipper:
and the awesome Pythagorean cups:
These babies empty all the wine out if you fill it too far, teaching moderation to the ancient Greek masses... somethig I could certainly learn when it comes to a dry white.

A great time was had by all - Jon is already planning how we can relocate to Greece some day, and I'm frantically applying tinted bodylotion to hang on to the tan. Now to plan the next jolly!


  1. Aaaw it looks like you had such a lovely time! I'm jealous of your hot weather... hehe. Are those slippers as comfy as they look?!

  2. wow Greece is stunning! I might be visiting for the first time next summer! I'm so excited :)

  3. @claire - Ho yes... very toasty

    @Under - go go go , it;s great (though not cheap!)

  4. Tory this looks amazing! I've been wanting to go to greece for ages. x

  5. the view looks beautiful! i haven't been to a hot holiday destination since i went portugal a good couple of years ago. i'm looking forward to go thailand next year, though! :) x


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