Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sunday had his hat on

How tacktastic are these sunnies from American Retro? I'd never set foot in there until Sunday, I always thought it was full of overpriced basics I couldn't afford, then Jon introduced me to the world of pug-mania and nonsense that lies inside, and now I love it!

We swung though Soho after a trip to the Tate Modern (I have membership through work) to see the Exposed exhibition. If I'd paid £8 for it, I'd have been disappointed, but as it's free to members I enjoyed the afternoon out and the highlight was by far the Nan Goldin slideshow The Ballad of Sexual Dependency.

I watched the whole 45 minutes, which is pretty rare for me in a gallery situation - usually nothing keeps my attention for that long, but this somewhat racy series of images was totally captivating. I was already a bit of a Nan fan, but this sealed the deal. I also love the work of french artist Sophie Calle, who featured towards the end of the exhibition. Anyone wanting to learn more about Sophie should get hold of her book Exquisite Pain.

It was an unexpectedly lovely day, so I busted out the jean shorts again as part of this ensemble.

Top - Topshop// Watch - Michael Korrs// Bracelet - H&M// Necklace - A stall in New York// Belt - Bankok weekend market// Jeans - Levi's vintage// Flip-flops - Haviana

I'm never sure about the loose top tucked, as it definitely makes me look stocky (my waist is the only damn slim bit on me, and it's totally hidden) but this is the first outfit I've been really happy with for yonks. Sorry about the shit photo, Jon wouldn't play ball. Some bloggers have boyfriends who do thrice-weekly latte-sipping photoshoots across LA, mine whined at taking one quick photo - ONE! Note to self - trade him in for a tripod.

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  1. Looking lovely, those cut off are fab and those specks are totally hilarious!!!! I've never been to American Retro but it seems interesting so next time I'm around Soho I might pop in.

    The exhibitions sound really interesting but £8 that does seem steep (I wasn't thrilled with paying £3 for Grace Kelly at V&A).

    PS I like the keeping it real style of photos. Yes an exotic fields may be nicer on the eyes than a bedroom but watevs, self timer rocks so deal with it haha!!! I need a tripod too x

  2. those are some awesome looking glasses! thanks for checking out my blog :)


  3. haha I don't imagine that my boy would be too into photography either. I don't even try.
    I love those shorts :)

  4. I love your top and the shorts, also I'm currently lusting after a Michael Korrs watch so jealous haha! Love your blog as well, I'm following :)

    Jenn xx


  5. hehe, i love your little 'note to self'. i also need to get myself a tripod, i currently use hatboxes and books for my outfit self timer pictures. the outside shots of me are usually taken by my mum or a friend. unfortunately i don't eve have a boyfriend i could ask, ha!

    love your outfit, especially your levi cut offs. the photograph isn't shit! i really like the effect, how do you edit your photos if you don't mind me asking?

    love, jazzabelle. x

    p.s. i would so enter your giveaway but i'm not a nail varnish wearer so i'd feel like i was wasting such a wonderful prize.

  6. Fun sunglasses! Lovely! Thank you for the lovely comment and for visiting my blog. I hope you com back and follow my blog.




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