Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cole position

Ok, so she's Tweedy now, but my pun well has run a little dry today after many a headline for my proper job.Soz.

There's just something about 'are Cheryl' I find fascinating. For me she's not a style icon... I think she tends to look overdone, especially on X Factor. But sometimes I see a candid where she's put herself together, and isn't trying too hard, and I think: "well done good woman." This was one of those times.

Ok, maybe it's this outfit's similarity to a recent ensemble of my own, but I think the more casual look works well on her... hell, who am I kidding, I prefer a thrown-together look on anyone! (Posh take note)

I also happen to know this top's from Bank. High Street - wahey! If any of you are after a piece of Ms Tweedy... see HERE. The shorts look like Diesel... hmmm. Shame they're not a more distressed vintage pair, but our Chez does love a label!

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  1. she has pretty hair!


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