Friday, 13 August 2010

Jump to it...

I heart this jumper, I heart this a lot.

I haven't really bought much at Topshop in recent years, because I feel that its expensive for the quality and I simply haven't had the disposable income (evidenced by the fact that I mainly wear 'vintage' Primark!). However I'm sorely tempted by this caramel-coloured beaut, which would look awesome with my chunky boots from last winter and over a tea dress, or with my extremely flared Uniqlo jeans and a checkered shirt, Love Story stylee. It also slots neatly into Autumn's camel theme, and I love the sulky-teenager long sleeves. Simply put, it makes me wish crispy leaf season was here already, and that I had the dough to make it mine. Better start playing the Euro Millions, huh?!

For you lucky ladies who want to snap it up, its here. Enjoy the snuggly loveliness!


  1. I often find Topshop is really overpriced for what it actually is. However, that jumper looks really warm! Maybe consider it your splurge buy for Autumn?

  2. i love it too! I want alot of oversized jumpers this fall!

  3. Gorgeous jumper and I love the idea of wearing it over a tea dress, maybe with some quirky tights too!! Topshop is far to expensive, it's ridiculous! They have stuff over £300 at the minute, seriously that is NOT high street shopping! Anyway....... beautiful jumper x

  4. beautiful jumper, looks really cosy! i love topshop's range of jumpers at the moment, but you're right in saying its pretty expensive there :(

  5. It is gorge... I can't believe I eBayed my chunky cricket-style knit weeeeeeks ago. I was so close to being bang on trend (for once). Lovely spot!


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