Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Non-buyer's remorse

It's getting ridiculous how many times I've ummed and ahded over an item in the new AW/10 collections until it's sold out in my size.
There are dozens of examples on Topshop.com alone. Here's my top three...
(The latter in grey)
And these babies are currently in the 'new in' section, but sold out when you click through - what's that all about? They can't have sold out already? An online error perhaps? I need them!
So, in recent weeks, I've been proactive in my purchasing, and it's kind of paid off. You see, I was so sick of what I call non-buyers' remorse, that feeling when something you wanted sells out, I ordered two major items from ASOS on a total whim.
(the latter in black - damn my tardy picture research.)
So, I immediately started hyperventilating after dropping 200 notes on these babies in a lunch hour (so much I qualified for free NEXT DAY DELIVERY - that's when you know you've gone a click too far) and experienced how non-buyers' remorse becomes buyers' remorse.

But I was desperate to try on both. I was sure they'd transform my AW look instantly, and make me the proudest peacock in London. When they were delivered to work I immediately ripped open the bag and ran to the toilets and its full length mirror to see the new me...

But they both looked shades of shit. The beautiful cape transformed me into nothing more than an Inspector Sherlock wannabe. The butter-soft and now sold-out aviator jacked was too short for my damn long body and too slim for my gigantic boobage. I was devastated. But there was a glimmer of smugness. At least I'd tried. At least I know it wasn't to be. And when I drop by ASOS and see them, I don't wonder what could have been, but know neither item was ever destined to be worn by me.

So, what's the moral of this long-winded tale? If you really want something you probably shouldn't buy, try it anyway. If you're anything like me, the dream of that illusive item is bigger than the reality, and you'll be left with the money refunded back in the bank, knowing you didn't let that perfect item get away.


  1. I am seriously considering going to Topshop and trying on that rose print t-shirt. May have to buy it...

  2. I adore the first top!

  3. Haha Tory this post is so me at the minute! I've felt a bit flush after getting a bonus at work and have bought so much stuff that I have just ended up taking back! Damn that cape though, I want it too!

  4. I have the Topshop rose tee, it's lovely but nothing special as it's just a big tee so don't worry about that one! The cape is so beautiful, I have it in my saved ASOS list with a bunch of other stuff but I can't afford to drop any major notes at the minute. Even though its lame you had to return the stuff at least you get your money back and can spend it on something even better x

  5. i reeeally like the look of the oversized flower tee, it looks so comfortable & warm!


  6. this is such a tragic but comic story!
    fantasy is better than reality anyway ha!
    i do love these two asos items though...

  7. that's the pits, ordering something you think will be wicked and it's totally pants. always nice seeing the cash back in your account mine.

    hey well if your fella wants them shoes and he is a size 8 then he can, as they're too small for me darn. will see for what i got them for £20. let me know if you're interested

  8. This.is.hilarious!

    TBH I thought I was the only person that wouldn't be rocking a cape this winter. I agree, there's something VERY Sherlock about them, that really puts me off. Don't worry, the high street will be sprouting 100,000,000's of them this winter, so you still have time, to find a great one (of either). Love the fact that you over spent to qualify for free postage! ;-D


  9. both really great buys! I totally feel your pain with the um & ah thing, then it being sold out. I have made sure I have just been biting the bullet this season so I get all the pieces I want! (obviously within reasonable money constraints)

  10. What a disaster! :( I suppose if it teaches a lesson, and you weren't left out of pocket in the end, it's not such a catastrophe. I don't like ordering online particularly for that very reason (though I'm addicted to eBay, hmmm), but at least you know now! jazzy ♥


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