Thursday, 26 August 2010

Rain in the arse

Hear ye, hear ye, from now on I commit to more outfit posts. I've been slack, shy and a bit unorganised when it comes to the fashion part of this fashion blog, so starting today I'm going to try and do a couple a week... who knows, it might make me wear something other than leggings!

So here goes. I've lost my brolly, which means I had to drag this, my only coat with a hood, out of the back of the wardrobe.
Coat - Primark// Scarf - H&M//
The nippier weather also gave me the chance to wear my lovely new scarf. I'm actually pretty excited about autumn - I'm sick of having to put flesh on display!
Top - H&M// Watch - Michael Kors// Jeans - Topshop// Chelsea boots - ASOS
Necklaces - jumble and old Accessorize
The top's another new purchase - I could have done with a size smaller but they didn't have it, and it was such a bargain at £7 I had to make it mine. I look a little butch, but whatevs. I'm trying to wear things a little bit out of my comfort zone (can you believe that, for many years, I lived by the Trinny and Susannah rules for my shape. I love those women, but that's for another post.)

No detail shots I'm afraid - I got sick of my work colleagues mocking my impromptu photoshoot in smoker's alley... hence the following:

I also have a new haircut, which I'm not sure about... they thinned it. It's thin enough! Discuss.


  1. hehe, thank-you for your sweet comment! i basically look like a tramp except on the days i do an outfit post, so i'm sure you don't want me to dress you! :) love the top, bargain at seven pounds!


  2. ah you look ace, really like the hair and wicked boots

  3. This last picture made me laugh so much (but in a good way; I like your spontaneity :D)
    I think your haircut looks great! I want to cut my hair, it's too long now!!

    xxx Iris


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