Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mavala holla...

For years now I have been scouring the shops for the perfect peach tea nail varnish. Every time I thought I'd found it it turned out to be too safe, too muted, too pearlescent or just too plain pensioner. I came across this jackpot of a colour, Mavala's 'Sweet', in London's free women's mag Stylist, and when I read about it Elle a few weeks later I took it as a sign and started to hunt it down.

Mavala isn't a brand I'm massively familiar with, its only really stocked in John Lewis over here and they didn't have the right shade. I found a great store on eBay - Revival Beauty, and it came to a pretty respectable £6 including postage (the RRP for this brand is £3.95).

To cut a long story short, its BRILLIANT. The shade is exactly what I was looking for, it goes on perfectly and last time I had it on it lasted for eight (eight!!) days without a chip. You can even get away with just the one coat. Apart from the slight hassle of getting hold of it I would heartily recommend it. The bottles are on the small side but when do you ever use a whole bottle anyway?! Its the perfect summer polish.

(Apologies for my blurry nail photography - basically its the exact shade it appears in the bottle.)


  1. so feminine i love it!

  2. I love mavala, I think its australian or something because my mum loves it! She has loads of mavala products! :D

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